Welcome to the KQSFL Community!

We are a community based out of Glitch Bar in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for the highly addictive competitive arcade game, Killer Queen! We have monthly tournaments as well as an Invitational tournament every year!

At Glitch Bar we have our weekly draft tournaments on MONDAY. All player levels are welcome and encouraged. This is a practice and learning experience for everyone. To be a part of our tournaments, all you have to do is show up to Glitch Bar before 8:30 pm and sign yourself (and your friends) up. We start games promptly at 9pm. The tournament usually lasts an hour and a half, so be sure you’re there for the whole time. These tournaments are FREE.

Once a month we also host a monthly tournament which is based on fully built teams. The monthly tournaments are called Killer Heat and are on the first Saturday of every month. For these tournaments, you do have to sign up prior to the date. The tournament starts at 2pm and usually lasts a few hours. To sign up, we have a shared sheet which can be found on the top of this webpage. These tournaments cost $10 per player.

We have free play nights on Monday and Thursday, so come out and join us!

The events are streamed on Twitch.

Welcome to our Killer Queen South Florida Community!

How to Play

Created by KQSFL Community Member Jason

Keep up with our events

We meet up twice a week on Mondays for Draft Night and Thursdays for Social Night. Our cab is always on free play (with purchase of a beverage) so it's always a good day for taps in SFL.


1st Place: $300

2nd Place: $200

3rd Place: $100


Pools - Check-in open 1 hour before each time listed below per group

Group A - 10 am

The QuaranTeam

Yes Beer, No Jerks

sallaD-ch Please!

Group B - 11:30 am (Tentative)


Hot Frog Summer

Center for Ants

Simp Chimps

Group C - 1 pm (Tentative)


Sponsored by FIGHT MILK Official Drink of the UFC

Chile Con Queso Blanco 2

Clashing Until Midnight

Knockout Phase 2:30 pm (Tentative)

Award Ceremony 6 pm (Tentative)

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